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How do I run multiple websites on one IIS?

How do I run multiple websites on one IIS?

IIS supports multiple Web sites on a single server. To create and host multiple Web sites, you must configure a unique identity for each site on the server. To assign a unique identity, distinguish each Web site with at least one of three unique identifiers: an IP address, or a TCP port number or a host header name.

How do I move SSL certificate between servers?

Simple answers for a common question: how do I move SSL certificates between servers?

  1. Export the SSL Certificate from its current server. This includes private keys and intermediate certificates.
  2. Convert the SSL Certificate.
  3. Import the SSL Certificate on your new server.

Are SSL certificates tied to a server?

Because SSL certificates are tied to specific domain names, you cannot simply transfer an SSL certificate you registered with one domain name to a server for a different domain name. Even if you keep the same server but change domain names, the certificate will still not work.

Is SSL certificate linked to IP?

No, SSL is tied to the domain name, not the public IP address. “”An SSL certificate is typically issued to a Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) such as “”. However, some organizations need an SSL certificate issued to a public IP address.

Can you SSL without domain name?

But can you get SSL without a domain name? Yes, you can! Instead of securing a domain, you can encrypt a public IP address. Moreover, there’s also a convenience to protect multiple IP addresses under a single SSL certificate.

What is IP SSL in Azure?

IP SSL requires a dedicated public IP address to be associated with a domain name. So when you enable an IP SSL binding for a custom domain name in Windows Azure Portal: a dedicated IP address is assigned to your site.

What is Ssl_sni?

SNI is an extension for the TLS protocol (formerly known as the SSL protocol), which is used in HTTPS. It’s included in the TLS/SSL handshake process in order to ensure that client devices are able to see the correct SSL certificate for the website they are trying to reach.

What is a SSL binding?

SSL Certificates are small data files that digitally bind a cryptographic key to an organization’s details. When installed on a web server, it activates the padlock and the https protocol and allows secure connections from a web server to a browser. A domain name, server name or hostname.